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Combined Office & Fitness Room Wall Cabinet

Hot off the work bench is this wall cabinet for a combined office and fitness room. Made of clear maple wood, it will be sealed by one of our local painters before being installed. The parting center doors will get Shoji Gami paper backers as a nod to the Asian inspired decor in the customer’s home and will hide the television and sound bar when not in use. Drawers of various size allow for plenty of storage, from files to rolled up yoga mats. Another job well done by our team.

A Classic Project - Kitchen & TV Cabinets

While back at a customer residence to measure for another project, I was able to grab some pictures of the kitchen and TV cabinets that we built and are being installed.
In keeping with the customer’s taste for a more classic appearance, we combined raised panel doors, upper cabinet corbels, and lower cabinet cove corners, which match well with the blue CornuFé range and hood from La Cornue.
Details throughout, including matching upper and lower end panels, under counter panel for hidden electrical plugs on the island, and a multi-level appliance garage hidden behind pocket doors, makes this a interesting build.

HGTV Feature

So cool to see our work in the January edition of HGTV magazine. Although we and McNickle Construction didn’t get written credit for our work, glad to see that Raili Clasen was referenced. This was the second project working with her and her design, and both came out great.

Rift White Oak Bar Top With Matching Built-In Cabinets

Always great to see our work installed and in a staged setting. Rift white oak bar top and matching built in cabinets.  The door inserts are perforated metal as requested by the customer.
I’m not saying that our work is what sold the house, but it did just close for a cool $10.7 million.

Teak Front Door, Rift White Oak Dining Table, And More!

We love to see our work completed and in place at the end customer’s home. Oversized imported teak front door with oil finish. Rift white oak dining table, desk with monitor lift and power strip trap door, tv cabinet with lift, and sofa end table.

Rift White Oak in Pebble Beach - McNickle Construction Team-Up

We were honored to team up with McNickle Construction to complete this beautiful home in Pebble Beach. Rift white oak bottom cabinets complimented with painted upper cabinets in the kitchen, rift white oak cabinets and matching open shelves for the bar, and rift white oak desk and seating area for the landing office. This home feels warm and modern at the same time. Of course it includes all of the latest slow closing and concealed hardware, along with some nice edge pull handles.

Carmel Custom Cabinetry | A New Construction

Just heard from a customer for whom we built all of the cabinetry in their new home in 2020. Not only is the home (and our cabinetry) featured on the architects’ web page, https://ikebakervelten.com/house-in-carmel, but more pictures of the house and its contents will be in an architectural book coming out this spring. It was an honor and a blessing to be part of such an amazing project and the final results speak to the artisans of our company and their skill set.

Pacific Grove Kitchen Renovation

Such a pleasure to work with customers who have a vision and know what they want, like Donna of Pacific Grove. Made new upper cabinet doors for a face lift of her kitchen cabinets and new lower cabinets to rearrange the kitchen and give it better flow. Donna’s choice of color and hardware adds class to this little kitchen. Now she can enjoy her coffee at the breakfast table under the window that we also made for her.

Burmese Walnut Folding Table for a Boat

Glamor shots of a Burmese Walnut folding table that we made for a client. They rushed home to finish and install it on their boat in Santa Cruz. They are thrilled with this replacement of their old plastic table.

Pebble Beach Custom Door with Side Lites

Another impressive build completed. This door with side lites and powered transom window is made of all heart, old growth redwood that was once the rafters in a 100+ year old barn. If that wasn’t enough to impress, the door jamb is a whopping 10′-4″ tall. You can see Ralph, who built this, peaking in thru a window in the second picture. Can’t wait to see this installed and finished in its Pebble Beach home. 

Ten Bed Frame Project

First of ten bed frames completed. Could not be happier with how this is turning out. Two HUGE drawers opening as one across the front and the whole thing lined with old growth redwood.

Walnut Beams for Local Renovation

A little much needed roof work doesn’t keep our guys from working. As the roofers cut and install new steel panels above, Ralph mills some walnut beams for a renovation at a local members only health club. Jan puts our new vacuum table to good use with laminating some curved front panels on a buck he made. We are in the middle of some large projects and the shop is full of things in process. Another week or so and we will empty this place out as we deliver some unique and classic pieces to a high end retreat in Big Sur.

Finished Builds in Place - Raging Bull

Always wonderful to see our builds completed and in place. We made a large curved walnut television stand that showed off the client’s energy drink logo and products, and a matching company logo wall sign on milled wooden slats . Thanks to Signs by Vans for machining the wood pattern and Cypress Coast Construction for getting it finished and installed.

Double Sided White Oak Bookcases

Having to make room for these double sided white oak bookcases that are in process by assembling them in the parking lot. At over 7 feet tall, it will be impressive to see all 8 sets together.

Completed & Installed Dutch Door

Completed windows and back Dutch door for a customer in Carmel. We copied the style down to the same inside sticking profile so the new units would blend in prefectly with this small cottage.

Bay Windows

Although we are a custom wood shop, there are times when we do limited runs of some unique items. These are bay windows for an apartment complex in Sausalito, with units being renovated before new tenants move in. We always have a few of these in pieces and / or in process since timing is not within our control.

The Raging Bull

Group effort with Signs By Van of Castroville to get this project moving. Thanks to Jeremy and his crew for such a great job of routing the bull for this energy drink logo.

Flip Open Bench & Hidden Dog Bowl

We get the occasional request that is a little out of the norm and allows us to get creative. First one was a flip open cover on a bench seat that would not slam shut because of children living in the home. Resolved this with a few slow closing hinges rather than a piano hinge and shock assembly. The other was finding a place for some dog water bowls in a crowded kitchen. We made a shallow push open drawer for them that fits into the toe of a corner cabinet.

Walnut Cabinet

This cabinet is finished and leaving the shop today. It is walnut inside and out, and made to match other cabinets in the customer’s home exactly, down to the details on the doors and end panel. This will be stained a dark brown with a satin finish.

Hickory Loft Workstations

It is very satisfying to see our work finished and installed. Even better when the customer is so pleased with the whole process, from design to completion.
The customer decided to change from maple to hickory for their loft work stations, cutting table, and the personal desk tucked into a closet space. The finish really made the colors in the wood stand out.

Piano Entry Table

A customer asked us to convert this broken and worn out stand up piano into a table. We originally thought a coffee table, but this entry table pays a better homage to the original musical instrument. Needless to say the customer is thrilled with the results. Great work by our craftsman, Mark

Kitchen Add On

Not all of our creations are full kitchens. Some are smaller but still important additions to fill an open nook or wall space. In this case, it added some much needed storage in the busy household of a realtor and her family. We matched the current cabinet style so it blends in and looks as though it has always been there. 

Maple Entertainment Center

There is nothing better than a message from a customer telling us how much they love their new built-in entertainment center the minute the installation is complete. We worked closely with the customer from Marina to design this unit. After a few iterations and tweaks to get the look that they wanted, they approved the design and off we went. Nothing but the best maple plywood and lumber used on the structure and touch points for this one, even though it is all painted. The material is a little more expensive, but it pays for itself in quality, strength, and years of durability. Good thing too because we had to build it extra strong to hold the weight of the four glass doors, each of which is bigger than the average shower glass door. Progress pictures from concept to installation. The customer has promised that we can see it in person and take some better photo’s in the new year. Thanks to Jade Coast Construction for handling the installation and finish. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you from the Knapp Mill & Cabinets crew.

Rift White Oak Entertainment Center

This is one of the first builds in which Knapp has been involved from conception and renderings to a “ready for finish” unit. We worked with our customer from Carmel by the Sea to develop this rift white oak entertainment center. It looks beautiful in person thanks to the great work by our craftsman Hank and will no doubt be breath-taking once finished in the white wash stain that is coming next.
From design to build, Knapp Mill and Cabinets is rocking the Monterey Bay Area.

Pebble Beach Main & Butler Kitchens

These pictures are of a recently completed main and butler’s kitchen in Pebble Beach.  What used to be a dated large kitchen was divided for privacy and made more elegant with floor to ceiling cabinets and a hidden walk through. When the doors are closed, the walk through appears as part of the cabinetry. Other details include an appliance garage with flipper doors, refrigerator door panels to match, and built in utensil and silverware organizers. We also made a custom hood for the range vent and tucked away bar cabinets for the entertainment room.

Rustic Alder Wood Door

It is very satisfying when we get an unexpected message from a client telling us how much they love the door that we made for them.

This Dutch door is made of rustic alder wood and a lightly obscured glass. The customer decided to go with a light stain to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

A Classier Living Space

You don’t need a large or expensive home to spruce it up with our work. A client commissioned us to build some items for their condo in the hills of Monterey.  They wanted to put their own touch on the space, and achieved that through the built-in floating cabinets and shelves in their living area, as well as with a built-in dresser.  All of these items were made with paint grade maple that the customer will finish to compliment the rooms. The floating cabinets have push open hardware for that clean and modern look, and the client chose more traditional hardware for the dresser.

House Full of Wood Work

These pictures are of a recently completed home in the Santa Lucia Preserve in Carmel. We worked closely with the end customer for over 7 months during the build to work out the details that moved this project from impressive to breath taking. All of the cabinets, book shelves, wine cabinets, entertainment center, and vanities were made with hemlock, which is a tree that grows in the Pacific North West. It is a light colored wood, like Douglas Fir, but has a more subdued grain color.

Highlights of this build include a drum cabinet with lazy Susan, see through upper kitchen cabinets with glass doors on both sides, extra wide island with hemlock platforms on each end, a 130 bottle wine rack with roll out maple drawers, matching wood grain vanities, matching laundry room, and tongue and groove paneling. Although we were not able to get a picture of it, we also build a matching screen door from the same wood species.

Decorative Storage Cabinets

Whether you need a full kitchen and vanity, or just need to update a current area for better usage, we can help you.
Just finished this 2 piece cabinet that will slip under a work table at the Pacific Grove library. It’s made of premium maple plywood boxes for strength and white oak face frame and doors with tumbler locks for security.
Next, it is off to be color stained to match the work table and installed by local contractor Gish Construction.
Another project done and a happy customer.

Long Lasting Kitchen Cabinets

I was told by one of the local painters today that he was commissioned to refinish a kitchen that we made. Since we make our kitchens with strong materials and use the best building practices, it is not unusual for our builds to last many years.

However, to find out that this kitchen was originally built in 1954 and only needs some surface clean up and refinishing, it is a testament to the quality of our builds.

Custom Dresser for Closet

It’s so great when things turn out better than expected. A customer ordered a custom dresser that she planned to finish and slide into her closet. She was expecting a quality built unit but mostly utilitarian in usage. Once seeing the end result in person, she is ecstatic and has decide to stain it and make it the focal piece for her master bedroom. I suspect we will be making matching night stands next.
Match gained drawer fronts and wood top makes this an elegant with a modern twist.

A Classy Bar Dress-Up

We had the opportunity to help one of our repeat customers dress up their bar upper cabinet. The first step was to replace the original door wood inserts with glass. 2nd step was to bore out the wood shelves for LED strips and top them with 1/2″ glass to support the weight. Now the bottles and glasses are lit from the bottom and look much more dramatic.