We strive to makle are clients happy but in doing so sometimes are left with perfectly good products that we have either ordered or built that either didn't meet their  requirements, taste's, or financial abilities. Here are some items that we have available at for purchase. 


White Vinyl Blinds closet doors

33" x 87 1/2 " x 1" closed (or 33/4" open)

Douglas Fir door 36" x 80" x 1 5/8 with single lite on top half with dual pane tempered glass.


40" x 80" Classical Ornate Faux Mahogany door.

An inner core of Douglas Fir. High durabilty and weather resistant fiberglass exterior.



36" x 80" Craftman styled door.

Made out of Popular with maple plywood panels. Paint Grade (no finish).

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